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Board of Directors and Executive Staff

​ Board Members

  • Katherine O’Neill
  • Christopher Zarra, CFP®, ChFC®, CFS
    Vice Chairman
  • Neil Falcone
  • Julia Beardwood
  • Matthew W. Botwin
  • Henry Briance
  • Paul Galligan, Esq.
  • Jenny A. Hourihan
  • Terence Kelleher, Esq.
  • Allan F. Kramer, II
  • Rev. Daniel Ramm
  • Richard Roberts
  • Michael Ross
  • David H. Schultz, Esq.

Executive Staff


  • Joanne M. Oplustil
    CAMBA, Inc. and CAMBA Housing Ventures
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • Valerie Barton-Richardson
    Economic Development, Education and Youth Development, Family Support, Housing
  • Sharon R. Browne
    Health, Housing Services and Development
  • Thomas J. Dambakly
    Chief Administrative Officer
  • Kathy Dros
    Human Resources
  • Elizabeth M. Miller
    General Counsel, Legal Services
  • Justin Nardilla
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Rang T. Ngo
    Chief Payroll Officer
  • David A. Rowe
    CAMBA Housing Ventures

Senior Vice Presidents

  • Yael Bat-Chava
    Evaluation and Strategy
  • Kathy de Meij
    Strategic Partnerships
  • Michael Erhard
    HIV/AIDS and Health, Housing
  • Claire Harding-Keefe
    Family Support, Housing
  • Christie Hodgkins
    Education & Youth Development
  • Joan McFeely
    Chief Compliance Officer
  • Janet Miller
    Economic Development, Food and Nutrition Program, Homelessness Prevention, Legal Services
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