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Lives Transformed

Meet Alijah, the Melendez family, Rana, Ernestine Washington, Miguel, Eya and Michelle -- all New Yorkers who turned to CAMBA when they needed a helping hand. Hear their stories and find out how CAMBA helped change their lives.



Alijah overcame his family's struggle with homelessness and found the path to college -- through the guidance and support of CAMBA's Leading to College program.


The Melendez Family:


When Elizabeth Melendez moved her family out of a shelter and into CAMBA Gardens, the mother of four called hers "the luckiest family in the world." 




Rana is a young mother of four who left an abusive relationship and built a successful future for herself and her children. 


Ernestine Washington: From Homeless to Housing Advocate


Ernestine Washington, a once-homeless mother, has become a housing advocate at CAMBA, helping to place hundreds of people in permanent housing during her career.