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Inventory Clerk, MIS

Management Information Systems (MIS) Department provides reliable, practical, and cost-effective management information systems support to the CAMBA staff.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  The person filling this position is expected, under close supervision, to perform basic clerical and MIS related tasks; including the following:


  • Maintain professional relationships with clients and client confidentiality.
  • Practice Universal Precautions/Standard Protocol & Procedures.
  • Comply with any and all Federal, State, City and CAMBA security and privacy polices intended to protect the security and privacy of individually identifiable health information.
  • Compile records to track quantity, type, and value of equipment, merchandise, or supplies stocked in the organization.
  • Enter and maintain all data in inventory database.
  • Track and tag all company computer and non-computer equipment.
  • Work closely with MIS administrator to assist in identifying purchased computer equipment that requires inventorying.
  • Work closely with Office Manager to track all non-computer equipment.
  • Travel to all CAMBA sites and assess the condition of all office equipment every six months.
  • Identify equipment with no tags and report to supervisor.
  • Ensure every record in the inventory database contains complete and accurate date (such as program paying, program using, username, Serial #, inventory #, model #, vendor name, item cost, check number,  PO#, invoice #, invoice date, date received, purchaser, items status).
  • Ensure all purchased items are recorded in the inventory database.
  • Assign proper electronic invoice to each record in the inventory database.
  • Identify data errors and correct issues (i.e., duplicate records, missing data, typos, etc.).
  • Follow up with budget department in Fiscal and acquire funding source requirements for inventorying and tagging equipment.
  • Generate inventory reports for every program at least one month prior to end of the program's fiscal year.
  • Compare inventory reports to reports generated by the MIP system for each program/department. 
  • Ensure that all inventory reports accurately reflect the number of equipment/items purchased per program/department. 
  • If reporting discrepancy exists, identify issue(s), track equipment and update inventory database accordingly.
  • May enter data into automated management information system.
  • May relieve non-clerical staff of clerical work and minor administrative details.
  • Tasks may be modified, expanded and/or assigned over a period of time.​

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