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Adult Education Instructor, CAMBA Small Business Services

CAMBA Small Business Services (CSBS): CSBS promotes economic revitalization by providing services specially tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs in Brooklyn. CSBS offers one-on-one counseling, entrepreneurial training and technical assistance, microloans, and linkages with other business development partners. CAMBA Small Business Services operates a social venture called Mobilize Your Business, a three part ten hour technology training course formalizing small business owners by increasing revenue, reducing costs and managing business data.  This technology training helps business owners adapt technology to track sales and expense data, accept credit cards utilizing mobile apps, and leverage the data collected to create social media based marketing, and ultimately to make strategic business decisions."


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  The person filling this position is expected, under general direction, to: (1) research and develop instructional materials and lesson plans; and, (2) instruct adults in academic and/or nonacademic subjects; including the following: 

  • Provide classroom instruction for the Mobilize Your Business course at various locations.
  • Research new materials and methods of instruction to keep curriculum current and relevant.
  • Design daily lesson plans to meet core course objectives.
  • Personally assess each client's level of ability to utilize technology tools.
  • Prepare and distribute instructional materials for classroom/homework use.
  • Manage the classroom effectively to maximize client learning.
  • Review at-home assignments in class.
  • Visit client business locations to identify the points where operations are inefficient and provide guidance toward solutions for improving that business.
  • Provide one-on-one technical assistance with process mapping and informational technology solutions to optimize business operations.
  • Prepare, distribute, and grade periodic written assessments of clients' progress.
  • Communicate with CAMBA career advisors, case managers, counselors, etc. regarding apparent barriers to client success (e.g., child daycare needs, possible health/housing issues, etc.) 
  • Refer clients to other CAMBA services to assist clients in eliminating barriers to success.
  • Maintain client records.
  • Prepare reports on clients' attendance and progress, as required.
  • Maintain and update clients' learning portfolios.
  • Prepare marketing materials and market the Mobilize Your Business program to partners and potential clients.
  • Coordinate with other CAMBA personnel and with outside organizations regarding next steps in clients' progress toward their goals.
  • Provide all required information for weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports.
  • Tasks may be modified, expanded and/or assigned overtime.

Minimum Education/Experience Required:

  • Bachelor's degree (B. A.) and one year of applicable experience and/or equivalent experience.

Other Requirements:

  • Familiarity with mobile technology and comfort teaching in an electronic environment.
  • Knowledge of the latest mobile software applications relevant to a small business setting and ability to research new and improved mobile applications to help small business owners improve their day to day processes.
  • Experience working with small business owners in areas such as corporate filing, how to start a business, business planning, small business financing and credit development.
  • Experience with the challenges faced by low income/immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • Two years of class room experience teaching adults that may be unfamiliar with technology preferred.
  • Bilingual: Spanish/English

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