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Residential Aide. Flagstone Family Center
Program Overview:

CAMBA's Flagstone Family Center provides comprehensive case management services to 160 families who are in a Tier II transitional residence program for homeless families.  The facility consists of eight (8) four (4) story walk up apartment buildings on the east and west sides of the street.  There will be two main entrances: one for the east side of the street and one for the west.  Each building contains 20 apartments of varying sizes, each fully self-contained.  


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The person filling this position is expected, under close supervision, to: (1) Assist clients in the development of daily independent living skills through both individual and group Activities of Daily Living (ADL) sessions, including laundry, meal preparation and clean up, personal hygiene, shopping, and maintaining a schedule of activities; (2) maintain inventory of food and dry goods; and (3) provide clients with an orientation of the facility, services and personal care items, upon arrival; including the following:​

  • Maintain professional relationships with clients and client confidentiality.
  • Practice Universal Precautions/Standard Protocol & Procedures.
  • Comply with any and all Federal, State, City and CAMBA security and privacy polices intended to protect the security and privacy of individually identifiable health information.
  • Update and inform clients of program changes (i.e., food services changes, laundry assignments, etc.) through individual and group meetings.
  • Conduct room inspection to ensure client compliance with facility policies.
  • Intervene and diffuse inappropriate client interaction, as necessary.
  • Monitor clients' behavior and report client changes in behavior or personal care to Supervisor and/or appropriate social services staff.
  • Ensure that clients receive personal care products and laundry products weekly, and replace any personal care items as needed.
  • Sort, count, and bag bed linens, blankets, and towels (may wash, dry and fold).
  • Distribute clean bed linens, blankets, pillows, and towels to clients.
  • Monitor clients' use of laundry facilities, including running new client's belongings through the dryer.
  • Strip former clients' rooms, sort, bag, label and document belongings, carry bags to storage area, and store bags for safekeeping.
  • Identify, sort, bag, label and document valuable client belongings (i.e., electronics, cash, documents, etc.) and give to Supervisor for storage.
  • Follow client belongings policy and retrieve personal property of former clients upon their return.
  • Escort clients, as needed.
  • Check food deliveries for quality and quantity of items and report any issues to Supervisor.
  • Prepare kitchen and dining facilities for mealtimes and clean up after each meal.
  • Heat and serve prepared foods according to Food Standards Policy (i.e., follow menu, set portion sizes, food service hygiene, check temperature of meals, etc.)
  • Store food according to the Food Storage Policy (i.e., check temperature of refrigerators, rotate food, etc.)
  • Prepare paper goods, setups and condiments for mealtimes.
  • Set up coffee and hot water urns before each meal.
  • May collect garbage in bags and remove to appropriate storage location.
  • May prepare and serve lunch.
  • May plan, coordinate and facilitate social and/or peer support events for clients.
  • Tasks may be modified, expanded and/or assigned over a period of time.

Minimum Education/Experience Required:

  • High school diploma or G.E.D. and/or equivalent experience.

Other Requirements:
  • Must sign NYC DOH/MH attestation stating that candidate has not been the subject of a founded child abuse report.
  • Participate in Department of Health Food Protection 15 hour Course, pass exam and become a certified Food Handler.
  • Must obtain Annual PPD Test.
  • May be required to become First Aid/CPR certified.
  • May be required to become certified in overdose prevention.
  • Bi-lingual preferred. 

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