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Assistant Program Director, Health Homes

​Program Overview:

CAMBA's Health Home program is an innovative new model of care management focused on improving the health outcomes for individuals with severe mental illness & other complex chronic illnesses through coordinated networks of medical, psychiatric, behavioral health, social service & housing providers. Staff will use cutting-edge health information technology & a unified plan of care to ensure all clients connect to & maintain primary medical care, prevent hospital stays, &/or reduce the length of hospitalizations. CAMBA's participation in health home places it at the forefront of a broad system wide change that will have a significant impact on many human services sectors.


The Assistant Program Director is expected to

  • Assist, direct and manage a variety of programs 
  • Provide direct supervision of direct reporting staff 
  • Assist in program and contract development, oversee regulatory compliance, facilities management, and policy and systems development
  • Interact with vendors and sub-contractors on a regular basis
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals and the negotiation of contracts.
  • Effectively plan and develop facility and various systems to ensure effective delivery of services.
  • Collaborate with agency staff in the implementation of databases and ensure the collection of statistical information and tracking results.
  • Implement quality assurance procedures for measuring and documenting appropriate client outcomes when evaluating program effectiveness. 
  • Prepare, review & ensure the accuracy & timeliness of, Medicaid billing documents, contract reports & statistical information.
  • Oversee all program operations & manage direct reporting program staff & their subordinates (i.e. conduct regular clinical supervision to address crisis situations & complex mental health/substance abuse cases, oversee training opportunities for professional development, etc.).
  • Facilitate interdepartmental communications across multiple programs.
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate management staff regarding organizational policies, procedures, and protocols.
  • Train and instruct staff on work projects, program directives and policy implementation.
  • Act as liaison for the agency as designated.
  • Represent CAMBA at funder/outside agency/community meetings as requested, and with public officials and other non-organizations to recommend program and policy improvement.
  • Ensure that all goals, targets, and performance outcomes are met on a monthly/cycle basis.
  • Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all incident reports, weekly/monthly/quarterly/semester/annual reports and statistical information for both CAMBA management and funder use.
  • Analyze program and demographic data to make programmatic improvements.
  • Determine the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform specific services and recommend qualified staff to perform such functions.
  • Communicate with peers on issues related to client progress and best program practices.
  • Confer with the appropriate Program Director/Senior Vice-President/Executive Vice-President regarding programmatic and personnel issues.
  • Immediately reports to the appropriate Program Director/Senior Vice-President/Executive Vice-President any: monitoring visits or funders' events; significant events; any incident that might subject CAMBA to liability.
  • Review and sign time sheets.
  • Prepare performance appraisals as needed.
  • Has direct client service/program responsibilities.


Requirements for The Assistant Program Director:

  • Bachelor's Degree (BA) and three years of applicable experience and/or equivalent experience. Master's Degree or advanced degree in the following fields preferred: Social Work (LMSW or LCSW), Mental Health Counseling, Counseling/Guidance, Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Public Health, or Registered Nurse (RN). A license is required of these Master's Degrees: Social Work (LMSW or LCSW), Mental Health Counseling, Counseling/Guidance, Art Therapy.
  • Knowledge about, understanding of, and ability to work closely with, persons with chronic illnesses.
  • Experience with public speaking, leading teams, team building, and community networking.
  • Experience with the use of technology and the integration of technology into program workflow.
  • Experience with community outreach and/or sales. 
  • Bi-lingual English with any one of the following languages: Spanish, Russian, Haitian-Creole, Chinese (Mandarin or Mandarin/Cantonese) preferred.
  • Prefer someone with progressive management, administrative and leadership experience overseeing large population of social service recipients.
  • Some evening/weekend availability may be required. 

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