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Spanish-Speaking Student Intern, Public Health Program

CAMBA is currently seeking an intern for an exciting HIV prevention program and film project promoting parental and familial acceptance of LGBTQ youth in Brooklyn.


  1. Networking with agencies that provide services to LGBTQ youth and their parents.
  2. Helping plan and conduct focus groups to test materials for social marketing campaigns
  3. Engaging community members in discussions of role model stories
  4. Staffing health fairs and other community activities to promote CAMBA's HIV prevention programs
  5. Conducting social media outreach to promote campaign
  6. Networking with agencies that provide services to LGBT youth and their parents
  7. Attendance at relevant trainings and meetings


  1. Fluency in Spanish (written and spoken)
  2. Knowledge of issues affecting LGBT youth of color in Brooklyn
  3. Ability to work in a diverse community setting


Students seeking an internship will be supervised by an MPH staff person.

For more information, contact Lisa Koffler @ (718) 675-3372, ext. 52004;

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