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Job Developer, Workforce Development

Program Overview:

CAMBA's Workforce Development Program provides skills training, job readiness, and placement services to qualified clients. By providing occupational training in the following areas: Security, Human Services, and Customer Service, CAMBA seeks to assist individuals in making a transition to gainful employment. We serve refugees, political asylees, and other immigrant statuses. The majority of the population served has limited English skills and is low-income. This program is performance-based, and success is measured by meeting placement and retention goals. The Job Developer is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with employers; securing job orders; matching the skills of our participants with the proper job openings; making referrals and conducting follow-up with both client and employer; overseeing a caseload of approximately 4 clients; and making between 10-13 placements per month. The successful candidate will have a Bachelor's Degree, strong interpersonal, marketing/sales, and communication skills.


Responsibilities of the Job Developer:

  • Develop and maintain employer relationships with the goal of identifying and meeting their HR needs
  • Match appropriate clients with appropriate job openings and arrange for interviews
  • Persuade both prospective employers and client applicants of the features and advantages of CAMBA's job placement services, with a view toward long-term retention
  • Develop and maintain an accurate database of all existing and prospective employer contact information.
  • Research and regularly initiate contact with potential employers in the NY Metro area.
  • Reach out and market the program to the community in order to recruit clients.
  • Market CAMBA's job placement services to new and existing employers; building a pool of job openings in various industries. 
  • Request current job openings from existing and potential employers daily obtaining as much information on the position as possible.
  • Review CAMBA's monthly open positions list and match open positions to clients' job skills.
  • Share job openings with other job developers if unable to fill position with client applicant caseload.
  • Review client information and interview clients to evaluate work history, skills, education, training, compensation needs, and other qualifications.
  • Review clients' resumes to ensure professionalism and accuracy.
  • Review job openings and match with client applicants qualifications.
  • Inform client applicants of open positions' job duties and responsibilities, compensation and any other information made available by the potential employer.
  • Send resumes and client information to potential employers establishing clients' qualifications for open positions.
  • Schedule interviews and coordinate between client and hiring manager.
  • Prepare clients for interviews with specific employers including conducting mock interviews.
  • Follow-up with clients after interviews to receive feedback on employers and clients' next steps.
  • Request feedback from employers regarding clients' interview.
  • Once a client is placed, periodically request documentation establishing both placement and retention.
  • Maintain records of resumes, client flow, and employee selection.
  • Create narrative case notes on participant/client applicant progress at each point of contact.
  • Update client applicant information (resumes sent, interviews, employment, and retention) in computerized client applicant tracking systems.
  • Provide all required information for weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports.
  • Tasks may be modified, expanded and/or assigned over a period of time.

Requirements for the Job Developer:
  • ​High school diploma or G.E.D. and two years of applicable experience or Bachelor's degree (B.A.) and/or equivalent experience.

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