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Young Adult Career Advisor, Neighborhood Development Area 3 - Brooklyn Academy

​The Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) 3   Program will provide 46 High School aged students who reside in NDA area 3 and who have barriers to academic improvement and or finding gainful employment. CAMBA will conduct the following: academic enrichment, job readiness skills as well as career exploration.  We will deliver our services using a primary person mode in which each student has an ongoing relationship with the CAMBA career advocate throughout their involvement in the program.

The person filling this position is expected to:  (1) serve as young adult students' primary motivator and coordinator of program services; and (2) assist "at-risk" young adult students in eliminating barriers to education/employment.


Bachelor's degree in soci​al work or a related field 


  • Must obtain Dept. of Education fingerprint clearance.
  • Ability to maintain fingerprint clearance throughout the duration of employment.
  • Ability to adapt to the culture and environment of a public school.​

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