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Aide, Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry

​CAMBA'S Food Programs, made up of the Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry and the NOEP Program, work to ensure that no one in Brooklyn goes hungry.  The Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry, in Partnership with a number of different government and private entities including the NYS Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program (HPNAP), United Way of NYC (UWNYC), Food Bank of New York, City Harvest, and NYC Human Resource Administration (HRA), distributes a 3 day supply of 3 meals per day of nutritional food to CAMBA clients-as well as those referred to us by churches and other agencies – due to hunger or lack of funds for adequate food purchase. Services also include food stamp screening, application assistance and referrals for application assistance.  Additionally, the program brings in a number of different providers to provide information and referrals for nutritional education and support, other benefits and services to help improve client's health, maximize their household income and help them move toward greater self-sufficiency.  The NOEP Program provides outreach to individuals and families who may be eligible for Food Stamps. Staff assists eligible persons in filling out their applications and provides referrals to other food and nutritional resources. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The person filling this position is expected, under close supervision, to assist in all aspects of the Pantry Program, including the Saturday Pantry Program (i.e., leading the pantry and directing the staff, participants and volunteers, picking up food donations at a variety of locations, etc.) on a day-to-day basis.


High School diploma or GED and/or equivalent experience.


Data entry experience.

Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds.

Bilingual preferred.

Qualified driver preferred.

If driving:

Must have Valid New York State Driver's License and excellent driving history.

Must complete NYS Approved Defensive Driving Classes every 3 years.

Must take Refresher Computerized Defensive Driver class.

Must remain insurable based on CAMBA's point system throughout the duration of employment.

If required to drive 15 passenger van, must score at least 80% on computerized 15 passenger van improvement test every year.

If required to drive 15 passenger van, must pass an observed Van Road Test.

Acknowledge review of CAMBA's Transportation Policy. 

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