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Adult Education Instructor - ESOL, Adult Literacy Program

​CAMBA's English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) needs expereinced ESOL instructors to teach Full-Time and Part-Time at its Adult Literacy Center, located at 885 Flatbush Avenue ​in Brooklyn, NY. ​Applicants with experience in administering BEST Plus are preferred.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:​ The person filling this position is expected to: (1) research and develop instructional materials and lesson plans; and, (2) instruct adults in academic and/or nonacademic subjects.
  • Research new level appropriate materials and methods of instruction to keep lessons current and relevant.
  • Teach students at their level and provide instruction sequentially so that class participants can make standard educational gains (move up at least 1 class level higher based on the National Reporting System (NRS) standards) within 6 months.
  • Design daily lesson plans to meet core course objectives.
  • Personally assess each student's level of ability to ensure appropriate placement.
  • Prepare and distribute instructional materials for classroom/homework use.
  • Provide classroom instruction on the subject of the course.
  • Manage the classroom effectively to maximize student learning.
  • Review at-home assignments in class.
  • Help students identify and make use of supplemental media resources, including
  • Prepare, distribute, and grade periodic written assessments of student's progress.
  • Facilitate peer tutoring in digital literacy.
  • Refer the case manager any students who have apparent barriers in achieving their personal goals (e.g., child daycare needs, possible health/housing issues, etc.). 
  • Maintain daily student attendance records.
  • Contact students via phone calls in the event of a class scheduling change and/or after student is absent from class for two consecutive days.
  • Prepare reports on students' attendance and progress, as required.
  • Implement an action plan to improve student class attendance when the rate of overall attendance falls below 70% during a cycle/quarter, as required by supervisor.
  • Maintain and update students' individual learning plans and learning portfolios.
  • Organize and maintain class area, including equipment and materials.
  • Coordinate with CAMBA case managers regarding next steps in student's progress toward their goals, as needed.
  • Attend administration/norming workshops on TABE or BEST Plus as required/approved by a supervisor.
  • Attend onsite staff meetings and professional development workshops and/or trainings at CAMBA, the Literacy Assistance Center, the Department of Youth & Community Development, the Youth Development Institute, and/or online as required or approved by a program supervisor. ​

Minimum Education/Experience Required:

  • Bachelor's degree and one year of applicable experience and/or equivalent experience.

Other Requirements:
  • Familiarity with best practices, including the whole language, balanced literacy, and Freirian methodology; familiarity with 'at-risk" and ethnically-diverse population
  • Familiarity with Internet sites of relevance to learners, both to support classroom instruction and to enhance community engagement and/or knowledge of subjects being discussed in class. 
  • Familiarity with Common Core State Standards.
  • Ability to integrate workplace skills in class activities and help ESOL students apply mathematical concepts to practical situations.
  • Ability to integrate computer skills into the classroom instruction while working with students of different technical skills.
  • ​Ability to adapt to the culture and environment of classes in a community-based organization setting or in a public school setting.​

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