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Adult Education Instructor - ESOL, Adult Literacy Program

CAMBA needs expereinced ESOL instructors to teach part-time at its Adult Literacy Center, located at 885 Flatbush Avenue ​in Brooklyn, NY. ​Applicants with experience in administering BEST Plus are preferred.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:​ The person filling this position is expected to: (1) research and develop instructional materials and lesson plans; and, (2) instruct adults in academic and/or nonacademic subjects.


Bachelor's degree and one year of applicable experience and/or equivalent experience.


    Familiarity with best practices, including the whole language, balanced literacy, and Freirian methodology; familiarity with 'at-risk" and ethnically-diverse populations
    Familiarity with Internet sites of relevance to learners, both to support classroom instruction and to enhance community engagement and/or knowledge of subjects being discussed in class. 
    Familiarity with Common Core State Standards.
    Ability to integrate workplace skills in class activities and help ESOL students apply mathematical concepts to practical situations.
    Ability to integrate computer skills into the classroom instruction while working with students of different technical skills.
    ​Ability to adapt to the culture and environment of classes in a community-based organization setting or in a public school setting.​

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