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Database Project Coordinator I, Program Evaluation and Data Analysis

​CAMBA's Program Evaluation and Data Analysis Department measures the outcomes of CAMBA's programs regularly and -systematically. In partnership with programs, we determine outcome indicators, design and implement data collection methods, and analyze and report on data to support program management and evaluation. We maintain CAMBA's outcome management data system, and agency-wide program dashboards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  

    Assist with the set-up of the training and production regions in CAMBA's electronic case management system for contracts/programs.
    Perform and coordinate functions related to CAMBA's electronic case management system on a day-to-day basis
    Research and help to incorporate specific program needs for production site (i.e., creating and publishing of reports and researching and building question templates)
    Collaborate with program staff to identify their data tracking and reporting needs as required.
    Build and modify question templates, queries and management reports based on needs of program.
    Create and maintain reports using various reporting software (i.e., Basic Visual Studios, SPSS etc.)
    Conduct mapping of various database structures and prepare data for data migration.
    Write scripts for data cleansing within the database and scripts to also migrate data into the database.
    Write scripts to ensure that data is consistent in the database. 
    Verify and analyze data sets and query results for accuracy.
    Monitor and identify user account activity/patterns to ensure quality of service at each site.
    Provide technical assistance to CAMBA staff as part of a Help Desk team.
    Create user-friendly instructions and facilitate trainings to help end users to do the following: add, view, edit, and run queries.
    Research, analyze and present data (i.e., using geographic information systems etc.).
    Interact with users periodically to elicit user-feedback, "lessons learned" and future enhancements.
    Document all design work.
    Participate in administrative and staff meetings/calls.
    Provide all required information for weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports to CAMBA management and/or to funders.
    Maintain communication and "fast-feedback" with supervisor and other parties involved concerning all design tasks.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and/or equivalent relational database experience.


    Proficiency with Microsoft Access, SQL Server (ODBC, ADO, stored procedures, triggers and datasets) for a relational database; SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and Microsoft Visual Studio.
    Proficient in writing complex SQL Scripts.
    Knowledge of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) & SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a plus.
    Attend trainings for system administrators on or off site as needed.​

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