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Recruiting Coordinator, Human Resources Department

​CAMBA's Human Resources (HR) Department manages all aspects of human resources and administrative functions such as employee benefits, compensation, recruitment, interviewing, hiring new staff in accordance with all regulatory policies and requirements, and performance measurement/appraisal.  The Human Resources Department's goals are to enhance employee morale and productivity, limit job turnover, effectively use employee skills/knowledge/abilities, provide training and development opportunities to improve those skills, and increase employees' job satisfaction. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  The person filling this position is expected, under general supervision, to facilitate and provide professional and/or administrative HR activities/functions such as hiring/recruitment; including the following:    ​                        ​   

  • Review resumes submitted to CAMBA's database.
  • Select appropriate resumes and forward them to hiring managers for consideration.
  • Follow-up with hiring managers to expedite hiring process.
  • Conduct telephone screens of job candidates.
  • Conduct reference checks for job candidates.
  • Ensure the receipt of all necessary documentation/procedures for specific positions, (such as fingerprinting, criminal background checking, receipt of original diplomas/ transcripts, professional licenses, health testing, SCR forms, and/or funder approval of candidates) prior to hiring job candidates.
  • Search for and screen job candidates who are currently receiving cash public assistance as requested.
  • Review employment packages prior to scheduling second interviews.
  • Schedule second interviews with HR staff.
  • Assist with interviewing process for school based programs' new hire candidates (i.e. – reference checks, telephone interviews).
  • Assist with the scheduling of new hire orientations as needed.
  • Assist in preparation of employment packages for new employee orientations.
  • Assist employees to complete paperwork while attending the new hire orientation.
  • Prepare for and attend job fairs.
  • Respond to requests for hiring status of candidates for employment.


Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or related field and/or equivalent experience.


  • Must abide by strict ethical standards.
  • Must maintain integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality at all times.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the organization and its human resources policies.
  • Be informed about equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action guidelines and laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.
About CAMBA:

We are a growing Agency and strive to be an Employer of Choice. As such we offer a competitive salary and benefits package, a healthy work-life balance, collaborative team environment and many opportunities for personal growth and professional development. We pride ourselves on our mission to provide services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life.​

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