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Director of Recruitment, Human Resources Department

CAMBA's Human Resources (HR) Department manages all aspects of human resources and administrative functions such as employee benefits, compensation, recruitment, interviewing, hiring new staff in accordance with all regulatory policies and requirements, and performance measurement/appraisal.  The Human Resources Department's goals are to enhance employee morale and productivity, limit job turnover, effectively use employee skills/knowledge/abilities, provide training and development opportunities to improve those skills, and increase employees' job satisfaction.  ​

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  The person filling this position is expected, under general direction, to:    1) direct and/or participate in a variety of related programs within the organization; (2) plan, develop, organize and administer human resources recruitment, interviewing and hiring activities; including the following:  

  • Comply with any and all Federal, State, City and CAMBA security and privacy polices intended to protect the security and privacy of individually identifiable health information.
  • Make recommendations to the appropriate Vice-President-HR regarding organizational policies, procedures, and protocols.
  • Clearly communicate both CAMBA's and funders' policies, requirements, guidelines, and program performance targets to staff.
  • Ensure that all direct and subordinate staff complies with CAMBA's and funders' polices and rules.
  • Ensure that any disciplinary action taken, regarding staff, is in compliance with CAMBA's disciplinary policy and procedure.
  • Ensure that all goals, targets, and performance outcomes are met on a monthly/cycle basis.
  • Develop and implement Quality Assurance measures to ensure quality service delivery to internal clients (i.e. SMR).
  • Supervise, review and approve staffs' and subordinates' training, vacation and leave requests.
  • Approve staff's travel and expense vouchers.
  • Review and sign time sheets.
  • Prepare performance appraisals for direct reporting staff.
  • Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all staff weekly/monthly/quarterly/semester/annual reports.
  • Prepare, review and submit weekly reports and statistical information for both senior management and funder use.
  • Analyze program and demographic data to make programmatic improvements.
  • Communicate with peers on issues related to client progress and best program practices.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings.
  • Oversee strategy and management of advertising vacant and new employment opportunities (i.e.-online advertising sites, CAMBA website, industry newsletters, local community newsletters, job fairs).
  • Recruit, interview, test, and select employees to fill vacant agency-wide positions.
  • Review materials and provide guidance to hiring managers throughout the agency.
  • Recommend candidates for hire and conduct second interviews.
  • Debrief hiring managers regarding results of interviews.
  • Train and supervise staff in conducting second interviews and adhering to appropriate interview protocol.
  • Advise management in appropriate resolution of employee relations issues.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding policies, procedures, and programs, as well as staff investigating transfer or promotion opportunities.
  • Conduct exit interviews to determine reasons behind separations.
  • Represent CAMBA at funder/outside agency/personnel-related hearings/investigations/community meetings as requested.
  • Co-facilitate/participate in Supervisor's Manual Review training and advisory committees (i.e. – Communications Advisory Committee, Human Resources Advisory Committee).
  • Confer with the appropriate Vice-President-HR and/or other CAMBA management/Executive Staff as needed regarding programmatic and personnel issues.
  • Immediately report to the appropriate Vice-President-HR any: monitoring visits or funders' events; significant events; any incident that might subject CAMBA to liability.
  • Make hiring and firing recommendations to appropriate Program Managers, Senior Vice-Presidents, and Executive Vice-Presidents in consultation and agreement with Human Resources.


Bachelor's degree and five years of applicable experience and/or equivalent experience.​

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