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Economic Development

​​​​​​​​ CAMBA_052615_0184-486px.jpg Mina Marsow, owner of Prospect G​ymnastics, teaches a student at her gym in Flatbush. Marsow developed her business with training, counseling and access to financin​g from CAMBA Small Business Services. Above Photo Credit: Matthew Septimus Photography at

CAMBA’s Economic Development programs prepare both employers and job seekers to compete in the 21st Century workforce and economy. We promote economic revitalization and growth in the following areas:

​Family Economic Success: CAMBA provides counseling, education and advocacy services to families who face numerous barriers to achieving economic success. Learn more>>

Small Business Services: CAMBA Small Business Services promotes economic revitalization by providing services specially tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs around New York City. Learn more>>

Workforce Development: CAMBA offers a range of programs that guide unemployed people into the workforce, providing them with the tools to get jobs and to stay successfully employed. Learn more>>

"I can’t even begin to say all that CAMBA​ did for my business. For the financing, th​e classes, the whole start-up process … it was huge to have someone there to h​elp me through it."

Mina Marsow