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Education Center


The CAMBA Education Center started in 1985. From Monday to Friday and throughout the year, the center offers morning (9 to 12), afternoon (1 to 4), and evening (5:30 to 8:30) classes to immigrants and speakers of other lang​uages who need to develop or enhance their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and numeracy skills in English.

Additionally, the center offers instruction in reading comprehension, English grammar and composition, mathematics, and test-taking to English learners and native English speakers to help prepare them for the Test Assessing Secondary Completion​ (TASC) so that they may obtain a high school equivalency diploma as soon as they can.

All classes are computer-assisted and civics-based. Activities are student-centered, and lessons are contextualized to address real-life issues. The primary targets for the center’s services are individuals, ages 16 or older, who live and/or work in New York City’s Brooklyn neighborhoods of Flatbush and East Flatbush. The center’s students are mostly low-income and include many out-of-school youth. Many participants are parents who have to juggle childcare and other family issues.

From daytime to evening, in addition to literacy services, students receive case management and/or vocational counseling to help them set short and long-term goals. They receive one-to-one assistance toward helping them solve food, housing, clothing, childcare, immigration, and/or employment problems and enabling them to focus on achieving their literacy goals.

Each year, over 1000 U.S.-born citizens and immigrants from the Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa attend English or TASC preparation classes at the CAMBA Education Center, located at 885 Flatbush Avenue.

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