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Safecare Family Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​885 Flatbush Avenue, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (718) 282-5575

521 Ocean Avenue, Suite 2, Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (718) 282-1481

444 Thomas Boyland Street, Room 309, Brooklyn, NY 11212
T: (718) 342-5107

at Flagstone Family Center
199 Amboy Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
T: (929) 255-0821

Program Summary: CAMBA’s SafeCare is an evidence-based, one-on-one parent training program for parents who are at-risk or have been reported for maltreatment. Through SafeCare, trained professionals work with families in their homes to improve parenting skills in several areas:

  • ​Health: Parents learn ways to help their child when he/she is sick or hurt and learn when to go to the doctor​
  • Home Safety: Paren​ts learn how to make their home safe for their chil​d​
  • Parent-Child Interaction: Parents learn how to structure activities with their child including play, meals and outings. Parents of babies will be shown how to interact with their baby to improve development and bonding

Generally, there are weekly home visits lasting 1-2 hours, and the program typically lasts 18-20 weeks.

Eligibility: CAMBA’s Flagstone Family Center Shelter families and families with children age 0-5 who live in zip codes: • Flatbush and Crown Heights: 11225, 11226, 11210, 11203, 11213 • Brownsville: 11212, 11213 and 11233​
Clients Served Annually: 205 families
Referrals Accepted: Yes

This program is funded by the NYC Administration for Children’s Services.​​