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​​Camba Workout

​CAMBA's health programs serve the body and mind, offering services to help New Yorkers manage their healthcare, access emergency food, and keep their communities safe from disease and violence. We work in the follo​wing areas:

  • Case Management/Counseling: CAMBA provides case manage​ment and counseling services to individuals struggling with ​one or more he​​alth issues including, but not limited to, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse, and mental illness. Learn more>>
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention: CAMBA provides prevention services for people living with HIV/AIDS and populations at risk of HIV transmission. Learn more>>
  • Nutritional Services: ​CAMBA’s nutritional services provide food and supportive services to Brooklyn residents who struggle to maintain a healthy diet due to financial restrictions. Learn more>>
  • Violence Prevention: Violence Out Brownsville works with young people in Brownsville, Brooklyn, who have been involved with or are at risk of becoming involved with gun violence and gangs. Learn more>>

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"The food pantry is a big help to us. A big help. Not only is it food — it’s nutritional food.”

Julia Davis, client, Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry