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Nutritional Services

​​​CAMBA’s nutritional services provide food and supportive services to Brooklyn residents who struggle to maintain a healthy diet due to financial restrictions.

Through our food pantry, CAMBA distributes food, including fresh produce, to more than 4,000 low-income individuals and families each month and helps register eligible recipients for SNAP benefits.

CAMBA also provides congregate meals, food vouchers and nutritional education to nearly 200 HIV-positive individuals and their families living in our emergency and transitional housing facilities.​​

More than half a million Brooklyn families live in poverty. Every day, they fac​e de​sperate choices as they struggle to make ends meet. Too often, families and individuals sacrifice food to pay for rent and other necessities.​​

CAM​BA’s Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry fills a critical need for more than 3,600 pe​ople every month who cannot a​fford to put food on their tables.

icon To Learn more about CAMBA's Food Pantry, CLICK HERE to download a PDF.