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​​​​​​​​​​I am constantly impressed by our guests who arrive in good cheer, eat with gusto, often interact with us as old friends and thank us for hosting them in the homey m​anner we al​ways try to achieve. The most salient aspect of the shelter for me is the commonality between us all, the humanity inherent in us all, and the opportunity to give back even a little of all I have, with the knowledge that the shoe could easily be on the other foot. -Andrea, Coordinator, Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

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Unfortunately many New Yorkers are still sleeping on the street each night.  Beds are especially needed during the spring and summer months and on Sunday evenings year-round.  If you are part of a congregation or community organization that would like to join this vital network we would love to meet with you and share mo​re information about how the program works.  Organizations that don’t have space to host a facility can be matched with a currently operating site to expand their current service capacity.  For more information about becoming a respite site please contact Yehudit Moch at​ or 347-728-8247.


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