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Consumer Law

931 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226
T: (718) 940-6311 (TDD/TTY)
F: (718) 462-5537

​​Program Summary: CAMBA, in collaboration with its partner agencies in the Legal Services for the Working Poor Coalition, provides legal assistance to existing clients in consumer matters, including:

  • ​Broken lease cases
  • Consumer cases for the payment of back rent (civil court cases)
  • Identity theft cases
  • Resolution of consumer debt issues
  • Representation in debt-collection proceedings
  • Assistance with consumer fraud​

Eligibility: NYC residents who meet income guidelines (below the self-sufficiency standard for NYC)

Clients Served Annually: 400

Referrals Accepted: Yes

This program is funded by the NYS Interest on Lawyers Account, NYS OCA