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Celebrating 40 Years

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2020 Vision

Building an Inclusive New York City:
A four-year campaign for our next four decades, in partnership with dedicated visionary leaders like you.


To mark 40 years of excellence, CAMBA is redoubling our commitment to ensuring ALL New Yorkers have the resources they need to reach their full potential. With your help and CAMBA’s proven track record, we believe that investing in these three strategies will have the greatest benefit to the communities we serve.

Ladders to Success
Build Ladders To Success:

Help 1,000 low income youth graduate high school and successfully transition to college by 2020.

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Protect Against Homelessness:

Prevent 15,000 families and individuals from becoming homeless by 2020


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Construct Stable Foundations:

Build or Preserve 2,500 sustainable, affordable housing units by 2020


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Become a 2020 Visionary.
Join CAMBA in Making Our Vision a Reality.

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