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Protect Against Homelessness

Breyanna Outside 

Our Goal:

Prevent 15,000 families and individuals from becoming homeless​


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46,000 Households
Avoided shelter thanks to CAMBA’s homelessness prevention programs since 1991.

Last night, nearly 60,000 New Yorkers, including 23,000 children slept in homeless shelters. CAMBA has a stellar, evidence-based, track record of preventing eviction— 98.6% of the families we served last year in our HomeBase program avoided homelessness and remained safely and stably housed. If a family does fall into homelessness, CAMBA is there with the expertise to help them quickly get back on their feet, become financially secure and permanently housed.

Families who avoided homelessness through CAMBA’s homelessness prevention services over the last year:


Construct Stable Foundations
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Protect Against Homelessness
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Meet Berlyz

“CAMBA is truly amazing. They will do everything in their power to help you.”

Berlyz was an ambitious young mother, attending a nursing program and headed for a successful career – until tragedy struck. She was living with her father, when he suddenly became ill and passed away. With no job and a child to support, Berlyz could not pay rent and the family was evicted. On Christmas Eve, 2016, Berlyz and her baby daughter entered CAMBA’s The Kensington family shelter. Shelter staff helped Berlyz stabilize her life – finding child care for her daughter and helping her apply for benefits and search for housing – while she continued her nursing training. In less than a year, Berlyz and her daughter were able to move to their own, permanent home. Today, Berlyz is proud to announce that she has earned many professional certifications in her nursing program and is well on her way to becoming an RN.CAMBA provides aftercare support to ensure that the young family remains independent. Giving families the tools and support they need to stay out of shelter for good is one of our most effective strategies for preventing chronic homelessness.

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