5k & 10k Training Tips

Now that you're joining us for the Healthy Way 5k Run/Walk & 10k Run, it's time to start running! To help you make the 3.1 miles around the park (and get in shape for summer), we've pulled together some running tips, including a full training plan for the beginning runner. Follow along now and you could find yourself leading the pack on May 1.

Weekly Health Tips

1. Check Out Your Running Shoes

4345290755_604f42fa80_o.jpg Photo Credit: DorkyMum on Flickr.com

Is it time to invest in a new pair? Those dusty sneakers used years ago may not support and protect your body from injuries. Sneakers with loose stitching, faded colors and off-odors are “red-flags” of a well-worn shoe that is bad for running outdoors or on a treadmill. Visit a serious running store and ask a salesperson for help. And don’t forget to bring running socks. To learn more, visit this source:
Choosing the Right Running Shoes. NYTimes.com.

2. Start Off Slow

Photo Credit: David Nunn on Flickr.com

No one starts off running like a cheetah. The goal of running is to finish strong, not pushing your body to agony and defeat, which discourages you from running more in the future. Be happy with your pace and use our weekly training tips to gradually increase your speed. To learn more, visit this source: Running: How Fast or Slow Should You Go? Blog.MyFitnessPal.com


3. Carbs are Fuel

17581308424_d2be3f6f8b_o.jpgBread Basket By Cristian on Flickr.com

Properly using carbs for fuel results in an effective run. Eat a little more carbs than usual, but don’t eat too much. Combining a meal of carbs with lean protein and healthy fats two days before the race gives your body enough time to digest the food and convert it into energy. To learn more, visit this source:
How to Carb-load the Right Way. RunnersWorld.com.


4. Do Cross Train

By Augusto Mia Battaglia on Flickr.com

Prevent injuries by incorporating yoga or Pilates when training for a 5k walk/run. In addition to the well-known workouts, try the following: Hiking helps stabilize muscles in the ankles and feet, paddle boarding works out the core, basketball or tennis improves speed and agility, and for a total strengthening workout, try ballet classes. To learn more, visit this source: 4 Unconventional Cross Training Options for Runners.


5. Run Tall


In time, you will create your own jazzy running style, but learning the basics of a proper running form improves performance. To start, push off the ground with maximum force. With each step, your foot should lightly hit the ground — landing between your heel and midfoot — then quickly roll forward. Keep your ankle flexed as your foot rolls forward to create more force for push-off. Look straight ahead, relax your shoulders and allow your arms to naturally swing to your own rhythm. To learn more, visit this source: How to Improve Your Running Form from Head to Toe. DailyBurn.com: http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/proper-running-form-tips/ 


6. Run Happy


Even Marathoners struggle with boredom. Run with a friend, listen to music, change your route or find a local running group. Sometimes running alone is pure bliss and sometimes it’s boring. Although some runners advise against music for safety reasons when running outdoors, others enjoy the distraction (especially for the treadmill). To learn more, visit these sources: Running with Music: The Case for and Against. TheGuardian.com

7. Sleep Tight

2582759421_b76758ab01_o-486px.jpgBy Ben Smith on Flickr.com

Running may help improve the quality of sleep you get, but that doesn’t mean fewer hours are needed. A proper night’s rest before running is a basic need that’s sadly neglected. When you are sleep deprived, it decreases your body’s ability to store carbohydrates, which provide energy for an effective run. In addition to eating healthy and following our weekly training tips, prioritize your sleep schedule by adding more hours. To learn more, visit this source: How Better Sleep Can Improve Your Running Performance. Health.usnews.com
8. Relax

 By Catheryne on Flickr.com

Don't try so hard. Unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders and shake out your arms. Extra tension is wasted energy that’s needed to improve your running performance. The secret to running is not to over exert the body, because it causes muscles to tighten. Relax your face, shoulders, unclench your hands and gently tell yourself to relax and stay calm. Namaste. To learn more, visit this source: Want to Run Faster? Learn to Relax. Active.com http://www.active.com/running/articles/want-to-run-faster-learn-to-relax


9. Update Your Running Gear

Are your sneakers still supportive? What about the rest of your running and exercise gear?  Are your gym socks worn? If you lost weight during your weeks of training, do your running clothes still fit comfortably? Is there a crack in your water bottle? Or maybe you want to be the best-dressed runner at CAMBA’s Healthy Way 5k & 10k. For safety's sake, check your running and exercise gear and replace old equipment. To learn more, visit this source: When to Replace Your Exercise Essentials. FitnessMagazine.com .


10. Eat the Healthy Way

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Load up on carbs, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruit and enjoy your protein. A well-rounded diet makes everyone a better and happy runner. The day before CAMBA’s Healthy Way 5k & 10k, enjoy eating more carbs, but be careful not to overindulge in them. On the day of the race, eat easily digestible foods two hours before the start of the race, such as oatmeal, fruit, yogurt and granola. Well-rounded diet makes everyone a better and happy runner. Good Luck next week! To learn more, visit this source: The Best Foods to Eat Before Running a 5K. LiveStrong.com.

11. Don​'t Panic

By JSHJ on Flickr​.com

It’s not that serious if your healthy diet lapses once in a while! Chocolate cake is a source of antioxidant flavonoids and beer is a known hydrator with plenty of carbs. Share your favorite beer and chocolate recipes using by following CAMBA on Twitter and Facebook with the #HealthyWay tag. Cheers to our vices. To learn more, visit this source: The Health Benefits of Beer. RunnersWorld.com.


10-Week Training Plan*

If you start right away, you can do this from the beginning (February 20 is the 10-week mark). But remember, this plan is a guide. Even if you miss a day or can't fit in all the time on a certain day, don't worry! Whatever you can do will help on race day. Also, be sure to follow the training advice below the chart.


Training Advice

  • If you start developing an injury, STOP running and take a few days off. Stretch after every workout to avoid injuries

  • This is only an outline of the perfect plan for you. You can change it as you need to.

  • Don’t push yourself too hard when you jog. Go at a comfortable pace.      

  • Hydrate properly and energize yourself at least an hour before you run.

  • Make sure you have the correct running shoes.

  • Suggested cross-training activities include yoga, strength-training, cycling, swimming, walking or Pilates.

* Source of 5k 10-week training plan: From Couch to 5k
* Source of 10k 10-week training plan:
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