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Where You Can Food Drive

FoodDrive-Fall-2018-Landing-Page-Banner.jpgBrooklyn is internationally renowned as a center of fine cuisine. Yet more than half a million borough families live in poverty and cannot afford to buy enough food. 

Our hungry neighbors need your help today.


You can also help them by donating nutritious, nonperishable canned or packaged foods.

Needed Items Include:
Canned Tuna, Salmon and Chicken | Dried Milk | Beans | Fruit | Vegetables | Pasta |  Cereal | Peanut Butter | 100% Fruit Juice

NOTE: Please do not donate moldy, expired or dented cans.

Drop off food at any of the following CAMBA locations in Brooklyn:

  • 1720 Church Avenue, 2nd Floor
  • 21 Snyder Avenue
  • 885 Flatbush Avenue, Room 202
  • 19 Winthrop Street
  • Park Slope Women’s Shelter, 1402 8th Avenue

To organize a food drive or another activity to support our pantry, please email Lucila Vargas at lucilav or call 718.282.3082.​​

​Voices of CAMBA's Food Pantry Clients:

​"We're struggling. We're really struggling. CAMBA's pantry is a good source of food and nutrition."


"When my food starts to run low, I know I can always go to the pantry."


"I feel sad. It was a hard decision to go to a food pantry. I worked hard all my life." 

See CAMBA's food pantry in action in this NBC News' report: For America's Hidden Hungry, There's Been Little Recovery.